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Veronica  Cray

Veronica Cray Receptionist

Area of Ministry: Receptionist

Family: Zeke - Husband, 4 sons Elijah, Ethan, Ryan, Bradley

Saved: 12 yrs old, at a Wednedsay youth service, Rededicated my life in my early 20's. Both at Trinity church in Lubbock, Texas

Joined Lakeshore Staff:  November 2016


Book:  I love Ted Dekker and Linda Nichols books

Food: Bread!! Sweets of any kind, but mostly cakes and muffins, and anything my husband cooks

Snack Food: Bread! Sweets! Dark chocolate, oh and peanut butter and syrup on a tortilla (thanks to my grandpa) 

Movie: Ever After/Napoleon Dynamite

TV Shows: Carol Burnett Show

CD/Artist/Band/Song: Walk With Me -Jesus Culture, Mercy Me, Dean Martin, The Bee Gees, Bethel, Family Force5, 80's music, Way too many to list. I love music!

Actor/Actress: Sandra Bullock

Season: Fall

Place in the World: Somewhere surrounded by trees and quiet

Place to Pray: My room

Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Painting projects, reading, talking

Scripture: Ephesians 2:10

Sports Team: Texas Tech Red Raiders

Sport: Is eating a sport? 


Food: Really spicy food, cilantro, Dairy Queen, Whataburger

Snack Food: popcorn, milk chocolate. There's not too many foods I don't like

Season: Summer

Place in the World: Big city

Sports Team:  Longhorns

Best thing someone said to you: It's a boy! 

Life Motto: Let Go and Let God!! Ain't nobody got time for that!

Three People I’d Like to Meet: My dad, my big brother, Ronald Reagan

My Hero: My Grandpa Saldana

One of My Greatest Experiences with God: Every single time He picks me back up!!

Most People Don’t Know This About Me: Rodents of any kind gross me out to the point nausea, even pictures!