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Liz Dekold

Liz Dekold Host Team Coordinator

Area of Ministry: Host Team Coordinator
Family: Married to the best man I know- Nick! Three amazing kiddos- Gavin, Emory, and Preston.
Saved: I was raised in church my whole life. However, fully committed my life to God when I was 16yrs old. Been running after Him and pursuing the call of God ever since!
Joined Lakeshore Staff:  August 17th, 2020


Book: Fiction- Redeeming Love Non-Fiction- Excellence Wins by Horst Schulze
Food: Mexican ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!
Snack Food: Any type of nut mix & all things chocolate!
Movie: Beauty and the Beast
TV Shows: America's Got Talent
CD/Artist/Band/Song: Elevation Worship
Actor / Actress: Sandra Bullock and George Clooney
Season: Fall
Place in the World: Anywhere!! LOVE to travel- want to take a trip??
Place to Pray: Out in nature or by the window so I can see the sunrise!
Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Working out and shopping!
Scripture: Ephesians 3:20
Sports Team: Cowboys- is this even a question???
Sport: Volleyball


Sport: Golf! I don't have the focus or patience for a slow sport!!
Best thing someone said to you: Will you Marry Me???
Life Motto: She loved God and loved people.
Three People I’d Like to Meet: George Bush Jr, Queen Elizabeth III, Lisa Bevere
My Hero: My parents!
One of My Greatest Experiences with God: We were at YFN (Youth For the Nations Summer Camp) staff one summer and I saw God use me in ways I'd never imagined before! Life-changing experience!
Most People Don’t Know This About Me: I despise fish- long story! Fish are friends NOT food!!!