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Mitchel Mershawn

Mitchel Mershawn Associate Pastor

Area of Ministry: Creative/Worship

Family: Mitchel, Amber, Parker, Tucker, Truett, and Lincoln.

Saved: As a kid at kids camp

Joined Lakeshore Staff: (2004)


Book: The Bible: Holy Spirit inspired: The Air I Breathe & Passion by Louie Giglio  

Food: Steak, Meat, Cain’s Chicken, Sushi & Starbucks & A&W Root Beer

Snack Food: Fruit & Nuts mix from Costco & Dark Chocolate Almonds

Movie: Cinderella Man, Avengers (any Marvel movie) Captain America, The Patriot & Rudy

TV Shows: Bear Grylls, Food Network, The Office

CD/Artist/Band/Song: Delirious-All, Passion Albums, Tron Reconfigured Soundtrack, Hillsong Young & Free, Christmas Music, Worship

Actor/Actress: Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks, Avenger Heroes…they’re all real, not actors!

Season: Fall (Football, Hunting, Thanksgiving, Pumpkins, my Birthday & Christmas)… No Brainer!!

Place in the World: The beach, the Mountains, the deer stand, wherever my family is

Place to Pray: My office, kitchen table…early morning before everyone wakes up.

Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Running, Camping & Traveling, Art, Music & Photography

Scripture: Isaiah 40:31 & Ephesians 2:10 

Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys 

Sport: Football & Baseball


Food: coleslaw...nasty!

Snack Food: Dog food…what?

Season: Spring… because I have awful allergies!

Place in the World: Traffic

Sports Team: (The Eagles, New Orleans Saints & Washington Redskins)… cowboy enemies.

Best thing someone said to you: (KISS = Keep ISimple Stupid) – Michael Scott

Life Motto: Be who God made me be, never give up & It’s never too early for Dessert!

Three People I’d Like to Meet: Moses, David & Bear Grylls

My Hero: My Dad & Captain America

One of My Greatest Experiences with God: I remember being in a Night of Worship & the Lord's presence was so real & present & thick & everyone was just silent & awestruck… in His presence. I love those times!

Most People Don’t Know This About Me: I jumped out of a tree on a youth retreat & shattered my leg resulting in a 4-hour surgery, 2 metal plates, 10 screws & a pin.