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Carlos  Marquez

Carlos Marquez Youth Pastor

Area of Ministry: Student Ministry

Family: My beautiful wife Caitlin is my main family. I have family all over Jacksonville & Orlando, as well as Caitlin’s family all over Georgia.

Saved: Spring 2014. My senior year of High-school I was invited to a youth revival event at a church in Orlando, FL where they tricked me into coming because they had free pizza and soda. I love free stuff...When and where you were saved)

Joined Lakeshore Staff: Summer 2018


Book: The book of Genesis is probably my favorite book. Handsdown the most interesting & eye-opening book in the Bible.

Food: Arepas (A Venezuelan dish), all-you-can-eat sushi, oh and of course anything my wife makes.

Snack Food: Watermelon Sour Patch alongside Big Red... and Chocolate Frosted Flakes.

Movie: Interstellar... I’m telling you, this movie proves the existence of God! I also love The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception, & The Pursuit of Happyness.

TV Shows: The Office/Survivor/Stranger Things

CD/Artist/Band/Song: Hillsong United for sure. But I also love the Jonas Brothers & Ed Sheeran.

Actor/Actress: Chris Pratt... his MTV Movie Awards speech sold me when he started preaching about the blood of Jesus on national television. 

Season: Autumn... if it even exists!

Place in the World: Waterfalls anywhere in the mountains. 

Place to Pray: On my knees at the altar.

Recreational Activities/Hobbies: I love to play a game called League of Legends. I also love to play soccer, basketball, and football.

Scripture: Proverbs 16:9 - The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.

Sports Team: Jacksonville Jaguars, Spain FIFA team, Miami Heat.

Sport: Soccer.


Food: Grits... eww

Snack Food: The black/dark purple jelly bean.

Season: Summer

Place in the World: Orlando, FL

Sports Team: New Orleans Saints

Best thing someone said to you: Yes!

Life Motto: As long as we’re having fun and worshipping Jesus, it’s okay!

Three People I’d Like to Meet: King David, Moses, and Chris Pratt.

My Hero: my single mom. She fought hard for me and my two siblings through unemployment & depression. She is the reason I am who I am TODAY.

One of My Greatest Experiences with God: When I would stay until 12am picking up trash and cleaning toilets and I would ask God why I was cleaning the church instead of preaching on the stage like my other classmates were.

Most People Don’t Know This About Me: I was born in Venezuela (Spanish), came to the USA and learned English at the age of 7, took 4 years of French in High-school, and learned Portuguese through my Brazilian friends in college.