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Mission Trips


This summer, answer the call to go on a mission trip to New York City! We will be partnering with a local pastor who is eager for us to come serve the members of his community.  Our ministry time will consist of:

   - Serving at the Prodigal Center (a food and clothing resource center)

   - VBS in a Bronx neighborhood

   - Community Outreach/Evangelism 

   - Outreach to the NYPD & NYFD 

   - Homeless Ministry

Thank you for your interest in participating in a Lakeshore Church Missions Trip. Please complete this application, submit it, and then someone from our team will be in touch through email shortly. 

Please note that this trip requires 10-15 miles of walking and 35-45 flights of stairs each day. 

* Students 18 years and younger must be accompanied  by a legal guardian 

** $150.00 non-refundable deposit due at time of registration approval.  

*** A $10.00 Background Check Fee charge will be required to be paid with your deposit for all applicants that do not have a completed form on file. 

Contact: Tina McCollum or 972-771-1942