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Wally Haessig

Wally Haessig Elder

Area of Ministry: Elder

Married to Jen Haessig since 1999. We have 3 children (Hannah, Isabella, and Isaiah)

  January 31, 1993 --- Super Bowl XXVII --- Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills That morning I attended a church service and was invited to a youth service later that night. Given that it was Super Bowl Sunday, I had no intention of attending church that evening. However, the Bills were losing badly (forgive me Cowboy Nation I had not yet moved to Texas) and with nothing short of a miracle, the Bills would most certainly lose. So, I decided to attend that youth service. That evening in the gym of the church, in the hallway, near the drinking fountain, my life was forever changed. 

Education: 2002 Dallas Baptist University B.B.S. Finance

Current Line of Work: Assistant Vice President, Claim Manager – Chubb Insurance North America Property Claims

Two of the Things I Find Most Interesting: Romans 5:8 --- The Son of God knowing the mistakes and sinners I would commit paid the ultimate price for me before I was ever born. It’s a wild story with an incredible ending. The same Jesus is available for you.  I hope you consider coming on this journey.

The bible says in Genesis 1:1 that ‘in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.’ Scientists continue to find fascinating facts about the planet and the discovery of ‘new’ galaxies. His creation seems endless.