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Sean Bowen

Sean Bowen Media Director

Area of Ministry: Media Director             

Family: Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, step siblings, Cousins, Uncles, Aunts, Grandma, and my wife Alexi

Saved: Yes I am, Grew up in the church, I was a kid in the living room after my Grandfather had passed away.

Joined Lakeshore Staff:  May, 2014


Book: Magazines

Food: Italian/Mexican

Snack Food: Fruit

Movie: O Brother Where Art Thou

TV Shows: History Channel, and Discovery 

CD/Artist/Band/Song: usually stuff not a lot of people listen to, some genres that I love are jazz, classic rock, metal, and motown.

Actor / Actress: Tom Hanks, and Mark Wahlberg

Season: Fall

Place in the World: Oregon

Place to Pray: In the mountains, secluded

Recreational Activities/Hobbies: Any outdoor activity, music, bikes, cooking, and exploring.

Scripture: it changes, I like them all.

Sports Team: LSU

Sport: preferably extreme sports, but Hockey is highly entertaining


Food: is having no food

Snack Food: is no snack food

Season: I love em all

Place in the World: I heard Antarctica is rough

Sports Team: the losing team

Best thing someone said to you: 

       best - “I am proud of you”

       worst  - “you look like Clark Kent”

Life Motto: Yes Sir, no Sir.

Three People Id Like to Meet: Morgan Freeman, Seth Kimbrough, and Jim Croce.

My Hero: Truly my Father

One of My Greatest Experiences with God: Getting to know my wife.

Most People Dont Know This About Me: I have no idea what I’m doing. Just kidding I used to have dreads

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